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I explained in my earlier post the importance of "warming up" your sites in IIS, especially using the latest .Net frameworks. Here is a major update to the code posted in that post. This one will allow you to "warm up" every site in IIS on your server. All you have to do is set the version of IIS to 7 or 6 depending on your install, and then run the program. You could also set the allApplications flag to false and put in the selected sites to "warm up". Please understand, because of the access needed to warm up all of your sites, this program needs to run under an Administrator account. (it accesses IIS's metabase files) So, without too much blab, and without… Read More
Hey folks, 'bout time for me to come around with a little tip. Thanks to IIS 7.5 Extensions and Microsoft (well... really Windows 8, and IIS 8 I guess...), we can now prime our Application Pools, when IIS starts. Now, though it would be nice to be able to simply plug it in and go, unfortunately this is not the case, and there is some configuring to do. Please see here: Now, this article is not about the IIS extension, this is about priming or warming up your site. Now, this is not a necessity, but if you are like me, you take advantage of .Net's Runtime.Caching, so simply priming your App Pools may not be enough. My SRE (Site Rendering Engine) for one… Read More