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Hey folks time for another quick article to get your ModX site running tip-top.    This one will allow you to 'prefetch' your sites pages for a faster browsing experience.   Now ModX has a pretty fantastic caching mechanism already built in, but I find that if your site has a lot of pages, sometimes that can take a bit on the initial load.This will take care of that issue.First and fore-most you will need to make sure to include the latest jQuery library in your templates.  This can be found at: jquery.comNext you will need to create a php file inside your 'wp-content' folder.   I usually create a few default folders inside this... one happens to be called 'php'Once you have the file… Read More
Here's a question and an "issue" I see all the time... ME: "Ok, your site has been re-designed and is up and running.  Please make sure to clear out your web browsers cache so you can see the latest version." CLIENT: "I still can't see the latest version, how do I clear my web browsers cache, and what is it?" Of course, to me this seems like a simple thing to do, but most people don't even know what your browser cache is. Simply put, (and I say these exact words to my clients) "It's little pieces of your website that are stored somewhere on your computer, so the next time you view your site it does not take as long to load." Each time… Read More