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Today kiddies, we'll be giving you some code that will enable you to utilize the new Twitter API (which by the way, v1 was removed yesterday un-beknownst to yours truly).  This will use the new authentication methods now required, and pull a users Timeline feed.I've commented the snots out of this, so if you don't get it or don't understand it, please take a moment and thoroughly go through this website to familarize yourself with PHP.So, without blabbing you ears off, here ya go...  the class, how to start, and some sample code on how to use it. How To Start: Sign Up for a Twitter account Login to Twitter Go to Click 'Create a New Appliction' Fill out all fields marked with a… Read More
Hey folks, since PDO is taking over, I figured it was prime time for me to jump the bandwagon of direct db access, and take the plunge into PDO.As a result, I have built myself a nice and simple PDO Wrapper class and some extra functions to do all the work that one would need to do against a MySQL database.So we are going to split this up into the 2 files I have setup for my testing and environment, all are commented, and if you 'do not get it', well, maybe you should seek other hand holders to guide you through the basics of programming for the web ;-PWithout any further ado: db.class.php <?phpclass o7thDB { /* ------------------------------------------------------------------ */ // Public Properties /* ------------------------------------------------------------------… Read More