• Extreme Server Manager

    Extreme Server Manager

    20+ Years Hosting Experience

  • Wordpress Manager Extraordinaire

    Wordpress Manager Extraordinaire

    10 years and counting

  • Ravashing Designer

    Ravashing Designer

    No one-size-fits-all!

  • Raving Code Monkey

    Raving Code Monkey

    15+ Years Dev, 20+ Years IT

Hosting / & Server Management

Hosting & Server Management

Put my 20+ years of IT and web hosting experience to work for you and your company.

Wordpress / Management

Wordpress Management

Providing custom WordPress design & development services to give you that extra edge.

Design / & Development

Design & Development

No cookie cutting here, just experience. 17+ Years designing and developing websites.


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Kevin C. Pirnie

20+ Years of PC and server maintenance; coupled with 15+ years design and development experience, you can rest assured that I take every measure possible to ensure your websites are running to their peak potentials. I treat them as if they were mine, and I am quite a stickler about keeping my sites up to date and optimized to run as well as they can.