5 Common SEO Mistakes

5 Common SEO Mistakes

Posted:  June 12, 2011

5 Common SEO Mistakes

SEO (search engine optimization) is the way to boost your online presence by getting better search engine rankings. Google has been doing a lot to improve the search quality. If you are not on google, you are not on the Internet. In this post I will outline the methods you in order to comply with Googles new algorithm.

1. Duplicate Content

Some of the new blogger come to the blogging world and think that blogging is so easy “but if you write your whole blog and update it regularly by typing word by word from your keyboard then definitely you face the problem that oh my god that is the time for my sleeping but yet I could not write my full article ok save it and I will complete it after morning. But this article will carry forward to day to day… ” because they only do the copy paste job for there blogs and then search engines doesn’t work for traffic for their blog then they search for Black Hat SEO Techniques and then they getting ban and blogging career ends. Please my newbies blogger my friends never ever copy any other works into your blogs because if you do that then search engines never give you any priority because they know the first article published date, time.. and treat you as a content theft and you getting ban. If you need any other content you like most then you can copy some amount of word from there and paste it to your blog and for more detail give a link back to the original source. That is the best way for making a relationship if you want stay in long term in blogging.

2. Hiding Links and Stuff

You can be done this by making your text color with same as  background color so your user can not see it , but these keywords will be there but you should still avoid that because search engines send traffic to your blog and you are cheating with your visitors. search engines would not leave you for long time because their spiders can detect your technique and you get Banned. So never do that if you want to make a relationship between your blog and Search Engines.Apart from plain hiding if you think you are smart enough to get the hidden text behind an overlay-ed image or hide content with some CSS tricks it is time to think more from user point of view in 2011 and not search engine point of view.

3. Content farming

This is when SEO companies generate a lot of new content which is useless to the user – these are know as content farms. Content farms are crammed full of articles that are poorly written and shallow – void of useful information and delivering a poor user experience.These articles will be written by the black hat SEO company – but they are lacking the thorough understanding of the field that you have.They’re generating content to fool Google into boosting your rankings, but it is content without relevance.

4. Meta keywork and description

Again getting the perfect Meta keywords and description will not make a hell lot of different from getting the right Meta keywords and description. You can’t tell search engines what your webpage is about, which is what many meta tags attempt to do.They are nothing more than just a waste of time and so never used more than few minutes on getting them right. if you prefer a more standard description for search engines, use the description meta tag and Google will pick it up to be displayed.

5. Thinking of Quantity Over Quality

“A small number of the most high quality most targeted, authoritative and relevant links will do more for your rankings than 1,000 crappy, irrelevant links.”To best understand why quality is more important than quantity, we need to see link building from the perspective of Google. Google places a value on every website and every webpage that it indexes. The most famous measure of a website and webpage’s value is Google’s PageRank.Google assigns each webpage a ranking from 0 to 10 as a measure of its authority. Webpages with a ranking of 0 are typically very new and insignificant. Webpages with a ranking of 10 carry an unprecedented amount of authority. An example of a webpage or website with a rank or zero might be a new blog or a newly published webpage.In addition to PageRank, there are several other factors that determine the quality of a link and why focusing your link building efforts on obtaining quality links is more important than focusing on quantity links. Relevance of the backlink is perhaps the most important.

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