My KitKat Performance Tweaks

My KitKat Performance Tweaks

Posted:  November 24, 2014

My KitKat Performance Tweaks

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything… holy moly has it!So, as I am sure most of you are aware, I am a programmer/developer by heart and soul, so it was only a matter of time before I started (finally) getting into doing some tweaking for Android devices.  As a result, I have made up a set of “tweaks” for my Note 3 that have it running creamy smooth like buttah ;)It all started with my Galaxy S4 actually, but since i don’t have that beast anymore, I did it for my Note 3.

What does it do Kev?

  1. Vacuum’s SQLite every 4 days
  2. Zip-Aligns all User Data APK’s every 3 days (if you choose)
  3. Cleans Caches, Logs, Tombstones, etc… every week
  4. Tweaks Your systems I/O
  5. Makes your Mobile and Wifi Networks faster
  6. Bumps your Wifi scan to every 300 seconds (battery saver)
  7. Enables some Dalvik VM Flags to optimize the loading and executing of all your apps
  8. Enables Dalvik to execute in the Java JIT
  9. Bumps your Dalvik Heaps a tad (let’s face it… we got 3G of RAM, so why not?)
  10. Moves your Dalvik to your /cache partition, leaving you a bit more room for more apps
  11. Removes ext4 Journalism on your internal system storage (big time performance boost)
  12. Forces your Launcher into Memory (yes this will take up a bit more RAM, however, your launcher will be much more responsive)
  13. Remounts your devices system, data, and cache partitions explicitly, no updating timestamps, and asyncronous I/O calls
  14. Tweaks your External SD Card read-ahead
  15. Calibrates your Battery if it needs it
  16. Enables true init.d support to devices that are bootloader locked
  17. De-Bloats Note 3 Devices of Samsung, GApps, and Carrier Bloatware. NOTE: Don’t bother using it if you’ve flashed a Note 4 or S5 rom
  18. Logs most actions to /sdcard

But, why do I need it Kev?
In all honesty, you probably don’t. Personally I wanted a little more oomph outta my device, so here we are… Not that there’s anything wrong with the default, but me being on a locked bootload on my S4, I didn’t get the luxury of being able to flash custom kernels to suit most of these needs

Can I run it manually?
Sure. Grab a terminal emulator and type the following.

sh /system/etc/init.d/10KevsTweaks
sh /system/etc/init.d/11KevsDalvikMover
sh /system/etc/init.d/12KevsZipAligner

You can find more, and the downloads over here:

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