Plugin – Gravity Forms SMTP Settings

Plugin - Gravity Forms SMTP Settings

Posted:  September 22, 2021

Plugin - Gravity Forms SMTP Settings

I ran into a situation where a client needed to utilize separate SMTP accounts to send emails through their forms on their site for various reasons ranging from send tracking to accounting.

They were already using the WP Mail SMTP plugin, but had found that there was no way they could do this, through this or any other SMTP plugin.

So… I came up with this small Add-On plugin for Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms SMTP Settings


This plugin adds a new settings page for each form created, to allow configuration for sending emails through an SMTP mail server. It gives you a way to have different SMTP server settings for each form you create.

If you do not need it, you can simply leave the settings blank, and it will revert to the site’s default mail sender.


  • Per form SMTP configuration for sending notifications through different accounts
  • Hooks directly into Gravity Forms processing
  • Hooks directly into WordPress built-in email send processing

Directions & Settings

main settings

  • Browse to the Gravity Form Admin, and click on Settings for the form.
  • Click SMTP Settings
  • Fill in the details to override the built-in WordPress Mail sender for the form
    • Please note, some email providers will require that your From Address is the same as your SMTP Username
  • Click Test SMTP Settings to test your settings
  • Click Update SMTP Settings to save your changes
  • If you choose to debug the sending, the debug information will be shown in the front-end of the site once the form is filled out and sent.


= 0.9.19 = 
* Verify Core 5.8.1

= 0.9.18 =
* more stringent checks for valid email addresses
* strongly type methods
* convert comments to phpdoc format
* fix proper OR for DIE for direct access

= 0.9.03 =
* Icon for settings menus
* fixed smtp password not saving
    * completely rewrote the encryption/decryption methods
    * found out what was happenning was the algorithms were not installed on every machine
    * also checking if methodology is available now, if not simply base64 encode/decode
    * uses the SECURE_AUTH_* salts from wp-config.php

= 0.8.76 =
* Update for 5.8 compliance
* Require PHP 7.3

= 0.8.13 =
* Update for 5.7.2 compliance
* Update for GF 2.5 compliance
* Method strong typing

= 0.7.22 =
* Update for 5.7 compliance
* check for existing functionality

= 0.5.0 =
* Fix deactivate if GF is not activated

= 0.4.2 =
* True autoloader
* rename class files to match
* update encrypt/decrypt methods to use WP salt
    * will need to re-save settings
* implement proper testing messages
= 0.3.1 =
* First public release


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