• creative
    Raving Code Monkey
    My apps comply with the latest technologies.
  • creative
    Extreme Server Manager
    Stability, Availability, and Performance
  • creative
    Ravishing Designer
    My sites comply with the latest design standards.
  • creative
    Wordpress Manager Extraordinaire
    Top Design and Management of High Availability Wordpress Sites

Code Monkey / Designer / Server Manager

Kevin Pirnie

Server Management 99%
Website Optimization 95%
HTML / CSS 92%
PHP / .Net 95%
Javascript 95%

Cups of coffee

To stay on my toes


Finished projects

Carefully crafted design


days of coding

Millions of lines of code


Satisfied customers

All of them :)

What I do?

Services I offer to create amazing things

PC & Server Management

22 Years of PC and server maintenance, you can rest assured that I take every measure possible to ensure your computers are running to their peak potentials.

Design & Development

I work closely with my clients to figure out a best plan of action to ensure their online presence is noticable, optimized, and exactly what it should represent. You!

Wordpress Hosting

I have found the ultimate configuration for my servers to optimally serve up even the most complicated wordpress websites.


What my clients say about me